Founded in 1981, Zhejiang Yongjiu Scientific & Technological Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of solenoid valves, pressure reducing valves, Angle seat valves, and LPG automatic control valves. Our vast product line includes over 30 series in 5,000 different specifications.

Our company includes our own research institute and academy school, as well as several manufacturing factories. Currently, we hold eighteen domestic and international patents. Our products are suitable for use with a wide variety of mediums including air, gas, steam, running water, pure water, industrial waste water, gasoline, petroleum, diesel oil, heavy oil, liquefied petroleum gas, refrigerating fluids, corrosive fluid, and other liquids. 

Moreover, our products are widely used in many industries including aerospace, aviation, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, energy, environmental protection, food-processing, tobacco, and building automation. We have supplied many important construction projects including the Shanghai International Airport and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall.

Due to high quality, functionality, and design, many of our products have won both national and international awards. These honors include the 15th Geneva International Invention Gold Medal and the Chinese Patent Excellent Prize.

Furthermore, we design, manufacture, and test according to US API/ANSI, Japanese JIS, German DIN, and...